Artistic Director

Vicki began teaching Theatre and English in the English Department of the University of Hong Kong in 1971 and retired after almost 30 years there. She was responsible for curriculum development in theatre studies at HKU and at SPACE. She supervised PhD students in drama and was also instrumental in founding the Drama Lab at HKU where many generations of Hong Kong directors and actors were nurtured.

A well-known theatre director in Hong Kong for over 20 years, Vicki was one of the earliest directors to introduce western plays in translation on the Hong Kong stage. She has directed many plays for her own company, Seals Players Foundation, as well as guest directed for theatre companies in and outside of Hong Kong, Her repertoire ranges from small original plays to large productions like Shakespeare’s King Lear to musicals like Brecht’s Happy End, to Albee, Miller, Pinter, Tennessee Williams, Stoppard, to name a few. Dr. Ooi’s theatre work had been given endorsement and recognition by the USA, UK, Australia and Germany. She has won many theatre awards, has served on the Hong Kong Arts Development Council and has published widely on theatre and cultural policy research.

After retirement, Vicki has found a second vocation in teaching primary school students working with them on multiple intelligences and creativity. She also teaches gifted kids in the arts and humanities at Eduarts.

In 2003, Vicki established Shakespeare4All, a non-profit making organisation. Since then, she has directed its annual Gala production, including Shakespeare’s Macbeth, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, The Merchant of Venice and Romeo & Juliet.In 2006, Vicki directed Seals players Foundation in the Cantonese version of Chekov’s Three Sisters and Shakespeare’s Othello in 2008.She writes Eduarts Shorts, a daily fiction column in Sing Tao newspaper, a leading publication in Hong Kong. A longer and more education version appears in the Student Standard as well.