Active English 2014-2015

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Active English 2014-2015 introduces students reading and enjoying classical English plays. We aim to nurture interest and appreciation of drama from an early age through active regular participation by students. Drama is considered universally to be the best way of achieving these aims.

In this year, the Seals Players Foundation Company will demonstrate how learning English through drama can be fun and enjoyable.

The programme is implemented in 4 Primary Schools and 4 Secondary Schools and run for eleven months from September 2014 to July 2015. The schools are:


Primary School
Fanling Government Primary School
St. Matthew’s Lutheran School (Sau Mau Ping)
Hong Kong Student Aid Society Primary School
Li Cheng Uk Government Primary School

Secondary School
Precious Blood Secondary School
Fung Kai Liu Man Shek Tong Secondary School
St. Paul’s Secondary School
Lions College

Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves

Ali Baba, a poor woodcutter was in the forest when he saw forty thieves stop in front of a cave. The leader said “Open Sesame!” and before Ali Baba’s amazed eyes the sealed mouth of the cave magically opened and the men disappeared inside. To come out and close the entrance, the leader said “Close Sesame” and the cave sealed itself once more. Trembling with excitement Ali Baba waited till the thieves had left and then entered the cave after saying the magic words. To his delight he found lots of treasure.

Ali Baba told his brother Kasim about the wondrous cave. Kasim set off to get some treasure for himself too. Sadly, he forgot the words to leave the cave and the thieves killed him. Ali Baba discovered his brother’s body in the cave. With the help of a slave girl called Morgiana, he was able to take Kasim’s body back home. Morgiana asked a tailor called Mustaffa to sew up Kasim’s body so that he could be properly buried.

Realising that someone else knew about their cave the thieves tracked Ali Baba down. One of the thieves went to the village and found Mustaffa who took them to ali Baba’s home. He marked the front door of Ali Baba’s home with a red chalk. But Morgianna saw the mark and used a red chalk to mark every door in her neighbourhood. So when the thieves returned at night, they could not find the home of Ali baba.

The leader of the thieves then disguised himself as an oil seller stayed with Ali Baba. He had brought along mules loaded with forty oil jars containing the other thieves. Clever Morgiana knew who the oil seller really was and poured boiling oil into the jars killing the other thieves. While dancing in front of the leader of the thieves Morgiana stabbed him. Ali Baba was saved and lived happily ever after. He rewarded Morgiana by marrying her to his nephew.

Androcles and the Lion

Androcles was a Roman slave who escaped from his oppressive master and started living in the jungles. There, he saw an injured lion with a thorn stuck in his paw. Kind Androcles plucked out the thorn and put the lion out of pain. They lived together until the emperor’s men found Androcles and took him back. As a punishment for fleeing, Androcles was thrown inside a ring to be eaten up by lions. Lots of people, including the emperor gathered to watch this spectacle. The lion came. But instead of eating him up, it stroked and caressed Androcles. It was the same lion that he had helped in the forest! Shocked at this strange behaviour, the emperor demanded an explanation. When Androcles explained what had happened, he was pardoned and the lion was set free.

Finale Performance

There was a final rehearsal with Dr. Vicki Ooi, the Artisitic Director of Seals Players Foundation Ltd., for the performance in a public venue. Student showed what they leared in the previous training:


Director and artistic consultant: Dr Vicki Ooi
Producer: Lynn Yau
Assistant Director: Donald Chung
Project coordinator: Teresa WongAndy Chan

Doris Yu

Yolanda So

Daniel Garcia


The Plays
Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves Androcles and the Lion
Performance Date
11 and 12 July 2014 (Saturday and Sunday)
Participating School (in specking order)
St. Matthew’s Lutheran School (Sau Mau Ping) Precious Blood Secondary School
Fanling Government Primary School St. Paul’s Secondary School
Hong Kong Student Aid Society Primary School Lions College
Li Cheng Uk Government Primary School Fung Kai Liu Man Shek Tong Secondary School


Students are also learning other generic skills from the work in drama. They are learning how to express themselves, they are learning how to solve problems during rehearsals and productions, they are learning task management as they prepare for rehearsals and performances. Certainly they are also learning teamwork as they work with each other and their tutors. In addition they are learning communication skills and critical thinking as they go through their work.

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